My Own Hachiko

My dog died a few days ago and as unceremonial as I am, I couldn’t bear the thought of letting him go without some sort of eulogy.

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I Will Not Spend ₱50 Bills Again

I've known how to save money ever since I was a young kid. My parents encouraged us to save even the smallest pocket change we had. My siblings and I always had bamboo banks, called alkansya (they're like piggy banks but made of bamboo because we didn't have money to...

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Hi! My name is Gerson. Welcome to my blog!

Some Mildly Interesting Photos/Videos

Stuff I Say Out of the Blue

Hey @samsureshx @psahalot! Great talk about Gutenberg yesterday at #WordCampSG. Have you guys heard about #OxygenBuilder? They are already compatible with Gutenberg and working on a better integration. @RealOxygenApp @LouisReingold

Report: Google Extends Titles In Snippets From 55 to 67.5 Characters

Rosemarie of the House Aquilina, First of Her Name, the Outspoken, Queen of the Courtroom, Protector of the Sister Survivors, Breaker of Molesters and Mother of Sentencing

The White House website now uses WordPress.

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