My wife is almost nearing her term and we are so close to becoming new parents.

The thought still hasn’t completely registered with me. I notice that it’s always like this in some significant events in my life.

In just a few days, this house that the two of us share (with our 4 dogs) is going to be the home for another brand new human being. To me it is surreal more than it sounds.

I’m excited for a lot of things. I’m interested in how a person with my genes would look like and turn out. I’m interested to know what traits she got from me and her mom. What she would be like as her own individual self. Her uniqueness, her strengths, her weaknesses. Would she love food and books and travelling and adventures as much as I do. Would she headbang to classical music. What kind of humor would she have. What her passion in life would be. So many things are running through my head.

But first, we would have to go through the birthing process first, my wife particularly. I have witnessed hundreds of births in my lifetime but I guess nothing completely prepares you for this kind of experience. We don’t have first-hand experience but we’re both confident that we’ll be able to make it. My wife, our baby, and me.

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