I’ve recently gotten 2 new puppies from my sister’s dog and each day has gotten doubly interesting ever since. When they were first brought here, Jumbo (so named because he was larger) and Kimbot (because she reminded me of my niece Kim who eats and plays just as much) were naturally apprehensive about their new surroundings. Kimbot was the first to adapt to the new surroundings. She was already running around and exploring the yard after a few hours. Jumbo would just curl up into a corner and wouldn’t let anyone touch him.

After a couple of weeks, both puppies have already adapted to their new home. Kimbot is still energetic and always looking for an adventure. Her appetite has doubled since then. She can also now climb the stairs going to my room! She’s a little bully to her brother because she bites without any reservations.


She loves exploring in and out of the house.

Jumbo has gotten himself used to the new place and the new people around him. He still prefers to keep to himself but has now learned how to be around people. He actually comes to me now when he sees me asking to be petted. He also loves belly rubs. He usually stays under my office table because it’s closed and he’s all by himself, plus he gets to get belly rubs from me.


Who can resist those innocent puppy eyes? He just wants some belly rubs.

They are both actually very sweet and funny. Every single morning I’m greeted with bright, eager faces and wagging tails telling me it’s an awesome day and we should have some fun. Or that I should feed them, which to them is pretty much the same thing. Even late at night when they are already sleeping, when they see and hear me, they would rise and go to me, always wagging their tails eager to play.

They're not always this quiet, though.

They’re not always this quiet, though.

Here they are fighting over a bit of torn plastic

Here they are fighting over a bit of torn plastic

Their arrival, though, hasn’t been at all pleasant with my dog, Dumpy. He practically grew up as the only dog in the house so he’s not so used to having company who also happen to share his best friend’s attention. He would usually stand up and leave when he sees the two puppies getting near him. He sometimes snaps at them but he understands that they’re part of the family now so he doesn’t really harm them. When we’re all in a playful mood, he would try to play with the two puppies but he’s still very awkward with it, which makes it really funny.

Like a dad who's afraid of commitment

Like a dad who’s afraid of commitment

It’s so great to spend the day with these 3 dogs. I’m sure my future just got more fun and interesting with them in our home.


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