After over 7 years of doing freelancing work, I’ve come to a point where I think I’m already stagnant career-wise. There is a lot that I want to do and learn but I’ve been stuck (or at least progressing at snail speed). I also need to be making more money now that I have a family but as I said… stuck.

Luckily, I attended OFFCON 2018 and there met a phenomenal freelancer by the name of John Pagulayan. He gave a mind-opening talk on what it’s like to be a truly elite freelancer and I thought to myself that that’s the exact thing that I need. I joined his workshop later on and also enrolled in his masterclass and now I’m here making a possibly life-changing decision.

I will try to document my progress as I go along and then check back a year from now to see if I’ve accomplished my goals. It’s a scary look from here right now and I know that I have to make a lot of changes especially in my mindset and attitude but with all the inspiring stories I’ve read, I’m confident that I’ll get there in no time.

So here’s to taking action!

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