It’s only a few days before elections. It’s going to be another one of those opportunities that Filipinos are going to waste by electing incompetent and power-hungry officials to rule over them. The public service bullshit is really just that: bullshit. It’s always been as clear as day. Just check their track record with what they say and do during the campaign period.

Yes, there might be one in a thousand who really has good intentions to really serve their respective communities, although most of them get corrupted as well along the way. However, I personally think that most of them are only after power and prestige. No one can say that they’re only after the salary either. It doesn’t add up that someone would murder or cheat or deceive or spend millions just for a meager salary during their stint in public office. It’s knowing that you have the power to decide the fate of a village, a city, a province, a country. It’s the opportunity to amass wealth through biased transactions, bribes, and outright stealing of public funds. It’s the mixture of fear and respect awarded to them by humble citizens who are oblivious of their real strength and power.

However, the megalomaniacs aren’t the scariest thing about this whole circus. It’s what this chaos has exposed about us all that’s more alarming. It revealed that we are willing to forego some of our rights for a misguided sense of security. It revealed that we are willing to stick with the mediocre because it looks stable. It revealed that we are willing to bend our morality to a hypocritical point to defend our choices. It revealed that we are willing to wish ill of other people who merely have a differing opinion from ours.

I have not completely given up on these things, though, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing about it. I still have some hope for our future, albeit a very small amount. The people’s clamor for change and reformation may mostly be just words and not something they want to apply to themselves, but hey, baby steps. We’ll get there eventually, hopefully soon enough.

Photo credit: Inquirer

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