The only reason anyone would think that the election period has officially started is because the filing of candidacy has just been opened. In truth, the shameless campaigning of those wishing to run for public office next year has already started many months ago. Heck, there were already political ads last year. It refreshes my memory of all the frustrating questions about politics and politicians in general.

Why do politicians like to show off what they’re working on? It’s like an employee who always goes to his boss and brags that he is doing something. Well, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? You’re a servant. You don’t get to brag to your master that you’re doing your job. Let the boss do the complimenting.

Why do people think a convicted plunderer running for public office is normal and acceptable but an unknown person who is constitutionally qualified and without any misdemeanor records who is doing the same thing is considered insane and labeled as “nuisance candidates”? It seems like politics is only reserved for actors and actresses, athletes, TV personalities, basically people with known family names, even if they have zero political experience.

Why do people keep voting for politicians who have been convicted and repeatedly accused of corruption? Why do people keep voting for politicians who spend most of their time as officials in a hospital because they are too “sick” to lead their constituents? Why do people keep voting for politicians whose number of days present at work can be counted in the fingers of one hand? They keep telling people that they’re doing it for public service and everyone knows it’s complete bullshit but they keep getting elected anyway. You would think that majority of the voting population are idiots.

Why do politicians who get accused of corruption suddenly get unwell and need to be sat in a wheelchair, be fitted a neck brace, or be confined in a very prestigious hospital with the luxury of a 5-star hotel? Is there something in politics that scientists need to study to see how it can be effectively used to diagnose diseases that are not fatal to bar anyone from holding public office but bad enough to grant affected people a get-out-of-jail-free card?

Why are the politicians that people clamor for don’t run for office yet those whose public opinions continue to plummet are still so hungry to be elected you can almost see their political mouths salivating with hunger? A politician’s salary isn’t that huge and they are just like any government employee in terms of benefits. It’s like there’s something in politics that is worth killing dozens of people for just to be a “servant” of the public. Could it be power? Influence? Opportunities to earn wealth that would make their monthly salaries pocket change by comparison?

Why do people like to complain about how politicians act? It’s almost as if we think that politicians come from a completely different species and that we have no control whatsoever of who will rule (not lead) over us. Granted that most of them come from the wealthiest and most famous families, don’t we collectively grant them that great power by voting? Or am I completely insane to think that voting makes any difference in who gets into power? Is it justifiable to conclude that the politicians are a reflection of the masses that elect them? Dumb, corrupt, and ready to blame anyone but themselves?

What related questions have you come up with?

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