If I ask every single one of you if you are against the destruction of the environment, say, via deforestation, mining, fracking, fuel burning, etc., I’m sure you’d all say that you are against it. And I say that’s a good thing. But what if I say that we all still support those activities knowingly or otherwise?

Come to think of it, while we express our disapproval of such activities, we still support them by using their by-products. We buy wooden furniture; we buy electronic gadgets, jewelry and other things that use mined products; we buy gas to fuel our cars and power machinery; we all use electricity that’s usually powered by coal or gas; we buy products that are manufactured by factories that produce tons of harmful gases every day. We as individuals create the demand for giant companies to keep doing such harmful activities.

On our part, we also directly contribute to the environmental abuse. The mere act of producing garbage is just one of our biggest contributions to this destruction. We may say that we throw our trash in the appropriate bins but we are obviously just fooling ourselves when we say that it is enough and that it isn’t our responsibility anymore what happens to it afterwards. Whether we throw it properly or not, trash still usually goes to the same place: with the rest of nature.

There is really no escaping this responsibility, isn’t there? We are all accountable for what happens to our environment and it is also up to all of us to change it. Easily said than done, I know, but hey, sometimes just saying something could trigger a revolution.

What do you think you can do about it?

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