I received my diving license just last week and I am overwhelmed with excitement. Unfortunately it came just a week after the DRT Expo (where I could have gotten 50% discount on the ticket) but that doesn’t really matter now.

My SCUBA diving training was provided by Sabang Inn Dive Resort (in Puerto Galera) under the International Aquanautic Club and sponsored by our MDRRMO. This is a part of the program to train local rescuers (where I am a volunteer) and if I am not mistaken, we are the first municipality to have this training for rescuers so that’s a really cool thing.

The training was exciting and it helped that I have been snorkeling and skindiving for the longest time. A piece of advice for those who are interested to undergo SCUBA diving training: learn how to snorkel comfortably first; it will go a long way. We trained in a pool first to practice and master the basic skills in operating the equipment as well as troubleshooting and resolving basic issues that divers encounter underwater. The really exciting parts were, of course, the actual open water dives where we got to explore a shipwreck in our last dive.

Going forward, I want to log as many dives as I can and hopefully be able to proceed to Advanced Open Water Diving so I can become a proper rescue diver. There’s actually a lot of opportunities for trained and experienced divers so the future looks really exciting.

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