One of the lesser known festivals in the Philippines is the Kawayanan Festival in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. Although not as famous as the other street festivals in the country, the Kawayanan Festival can be just as vibrant and lively with colorful costumes and energetic street dancing.

The Kawayanan Festival happens every 1st of October. It started in 2003 and is held every year since then. The 1st of October also happens to be the founding anniversary of the town of Gloria.

From its name, the Kawayanan Festival celebrates one of the most abundant resources of the town, the bamboo. Gloria is home to wide areas of land for growing different bamboo varieties. Students from different levels perform in the street dance with costumes made from or inspired by bamboo. Meanwhile, the different barangays showcase various bamboo crafts from as small as home displays to as large as a whole bamboo hut.

Here are some photos* from the 2016 13th Kawayanan Festival:

*All photos were taken by Marc Gajonera.

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