It’s a Labor Day long weekend and many Filipinos are getting ready for a 3-day vacation a.k.a. bringing their trash to famous tourist spots and recreation places and leaving it there. Whether they be the city, beach, mountain summit, cave, river, lake, these tourist destinations will definitely gather tons of trashes more than they usually deal with.

In all my travels all over the Philippines, majority of the usual vacation spots are littered with trash from the smallest candy wrappers to piles of assorted garbage. It definitely takes away whatever amazing feeling the current destination gives you and replaces it with disgust, frustration and annoyance.

None of it is planned at all. It just starts with a family, a couple, or a group of friends looking to have a good time. They bring food, liquor, toiletries and just about whatever they think they need for their holiday, however with no regard for where their trash ends up.

There is a severe lack of discipline among us when it comes to managing our wastes. It is a gross and abominable behavior that needs to stop. If you are going on vacation, make sure not to be an obnoxious pig and mind your garbage. Better yet, follow Carlos Celdran’s recommendation and be a Basura Bunny. Or whatever funny character you prefer.

Photo credit: Misadventures of Tintin

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