The current issue with Mary Jane Veloso, a Filipina who is scheduled to be executed by firing squad in Indonesia along with 9 other convicted foreigners, exposes the shallow sentiments and the pathetic double standards of Filipinos. Ever since the announcement of the execution and when the news picked up on local TV channels, several groups including the government itself, religious groups, etc. filed appeals, held petitions, wrote letters, requested reconsideration to save the life of the poor, innocent lady from the Philippines. All these efforts seem to be futile since the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office has already ordered the execution, which will possibly be carried out Tuesday, April 28th, 2015. Nevertheless, Filipinos are relentless in their appeal to save Mary Jane. Sadly, just Mary Jane.

I find it shallow and distasteful that thousands of Filipinos would only stand up for the cancellation of Mary Jane’s execution. What about the other 9? Do they not deserve the same amount of support? Or is it because Mary Jane happened to be from the same country and that the other convicts have their own countries to worry about them? That makes it an even more pathetic cause.

Granted that some of them did commit the crime they are convicted for, the others are probably just as innocent as Mary Jane claims to be. If it is all about innocence, how come Filipinos are not rallying for the schizophrenic Brazilian, the Nigerian who was unfairly put on trial, or the French who was also wrongfully accused? Even the ones who have knowingly committed the crime are known to have significantly changed for good after being incarcerated for a long time that they have even left a positive impact in the prison they are in. Don’t they deserve our support as well?

I am assuming that more than 90% of the Filipinos who are aware of this news never even bothered to know about the other 9 in death row. This just points to the fact that Filipinos’ sense of empathy is only directed to those who hold the same nationality as them. Fuck the other nationals; Indonesia can execute them all, just spare our innocent Mary Jane. The media is also¬†probably partly to blame for this staggering ignorance since they only mention what they judge is the only significant news for the Filipinos as a country and not as human beings.

If you are standing up and exerting all your online efforts for Mary Jane, good for you, but do so knowing that she is not the only one in the same situation. There are 9 other individuals that will be executed and you don’t care about them because they were born in a different part of the world.

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