Resurrected by Death

dead flowers

It’s kind of ironic that my reason for reviving my blog is because of the death of a family friend.

This year, death has claimed more friends and relatives than what is – if I may use the word – acceptable. Acceptable could be 1 in 3, 5 or 10 years, but this year alone, I have had 5 dead friends or relatives. It’s starting to get disturbing.

One death can be rattling, especially when it’s a tragic one, so 5 can really get me thinking lots of weird shit. Even weirder than usual. It makes me anticipate death at every turn. It projects possible future death scenarios that I know will definitely happen but just not ready to face yet. It makes me realize how life can be both priceless and insignificant at the same time. It’s a tug-of-war of emotions.

Since I’m leaning towards the positive, for the sake of my new family, I’m trying my best to use it to be more appreciative of the often taken-for-granted moments, whether alone or with other people.

So Near and Yet So Far

It’s only a few days before elections. It’s going to be another one of those opportunities that Filipinos are going to waste by electing incompetent and power-hungry officials to rule over them. The public service bullshit is really just that: bullshit. It’s always been as clear as day. Just check their track record with what they say and do during the campaign period.

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Political Questions that Make Me Want to Strangle a Politician

The only reason anyone would think that the election period has officially started is because the filing of candidacy has just been opened. In truth, the shameless campaigning of those wishing to run for public office next year has already started many months ago. Heck, there were already political ads last year. It refreshes my memory of all the frustrating questions about politics and politicians in general.

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We are an Emotional, Short-sighted Society

The recent news about Ahmed and his clock, a Syrian father selling ball pens to take care of his daughter, a poor kid studying outside a McDonald’s store, and many other similar news have put a spotlight on our shortsightedness as a society. The common denominator among these stories is our tendency to take action on very important issues based mostly on its emotional appeal and very little about anything else.

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Don’t Stand Up Just for Mary Jane

The current issue with Mary Jane Veloso, a Filipina who is scheduled to be executed by firing squad in Indonesia along with 9 other convicted foreigners, exposes the shallow sentiments and the pathetic double standards of Filipinos. Ever since the announcement of the execution and when the news picked up on local TV channels, several groups including the government itself, religious groups, etc. filed appeals, held petitions, wrote letters, requested reconsideration to save the life of the poor, innocent lady from the Philippines. All these efforts seem to be futile since the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office has already ordered the execution, which will possibly be carried out Tuesday, April 28th, 2015. Nevertheless, Filipinos are relentless in their appeal to save Mary Jane. Sadly, just Mary Jane.

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Just Because You’re Against Environmental Abuse Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Support It


If I ask every single one of you if you are against the destruction of the environment, say, via deforestation, mining, fracking, fuel burning, etc., I’m sure you’d all say that you are against it. And I say that’s a good thing. But what if I say that we all still support those activities knowingly or otherwise?

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