Adulting in 2017

The past couple of years has been mostly about traveling and exploring places far away from home. I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot; it has become one of the best sources of fun and excitement for me. I’ve also acquired a few other hobbies and interests from it such as free diving, drone flying, taking pictures, and most importantly, socializing and meeting new people.

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Two New Bundles of Joy

I’ve recently gotten 2 new puppies from my sister’s dog and each day has gotten doubly interesting ever since. When they were first brought here, Jumbo (so named because he was larger) and Kimbot (because she reminded me of my niece Kim who eats and plays just as much) were naturally apprehensive about their new surroundings. Kimbot was the first to adapt to the new surroundings. She was already running around and exploring the yard after a few hours. Jumbo would just curl up into a corner and wouldn’t let anyone touch him.

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