Welcome to Parenthood

My wife is almost nearing her term and we are so close to becoming new parents.

The thought still hasn’t completely registered with me. I notice that it’s always like this in some significant events in my life.

In just a few days, this house that the two of us share (with our 4 dogs) is going to be the home for another brand new human being. To me it is surreal more than it sounds.

I’m excited for a lot of things. I’m interested in how a person with my genes would look like and turn out. I’m interested to know what traits she got from me and her mom. What she would be like as her own individual self. Her uniqueness, her strengths, her weaknesses. Would she love food and books and travelling and adventures as much as I do. Would she headbang to classical music. What kind of humor would she have. What her passion in life would be. So many things are running through my head.

But first, we would have to go through the birthing process first, my wife particularly. I have witnessed hundreds of births in my lifetime but I guess nothing completely prepares you for this kind of experience. We don’t have first-hand experience but we’re both confident that we’ll be able to make it. My wife, our baby, and me.

Stepping Up My Career

After over 7 years of doing freelancing work, I’ve come to a point where I think I’m already stagnant career-wise. There is a lot that I want to do and learn but I’ve been stuck (or at least progressing at snail speed). I also need to be making more money now that I have a family but as I said… stuck.

Luckily, I attended OFFCON 2018 and there met a phenomenal freelancer by the name of John Pagulayan. He gave a mind-opening talk on what it’s like to be a truly elite freelancer and I thought to myself that that’s the exact thing that I need. I joined his workshop later on and also enrolled in his masterclass and now I’m here making a possibly life-changing decision.

I will try to document my progress as I go along and then check back a year from now to see if I’ve accomplished my goals. It’s a scary look from here right now and I know that I have to make a lot of changes especially in my mindset and attitude but with all the inspiring stories I’ve read, I’m confident that I’ll get there in no time.

So here’s to taking action!

I’m Officially a Diver!

I’m Officially a Diver!

I received my diving license just last week and I am overwhelmed with excitement. Unfortunately it came just a week after the DRT Expo (where I could have gotten 50% discount on the ticket) but that doesn’t really matter now.

My SCUBA diving training was provided by Sabang Inn Dive Resort (in Puerto Galera) under the International Aquanautic Club and sponsored by our MDRRMO. This is a part of the program to train local rescuers (where I am a volunteer) and if I am not mistaken, we are the first municipality to have this training for rescuers so that’s a really cool thing.

The training was exciting and it helped that I have been snorkeling and skindiving for the longest time. A piece of advice for those who are interested to undergo SCUBA diving training: learn how to snorkel comfortably first; it will go a long way. We trained in a pool first to practice and master the basic skills in operating the equipment as well as troubleshooting and resolving basic issues that divers encounter underwater. The really exciting parts were, of course, the actual open water dives where we got to explore a shipwreck in our last dive.

Going forward, I want to log as many dives as I can and hopefully be able to proceed to Advanced Open Water Diving so I can become a proper rescue diver. There’s actually a lot of opportunities for trained and experienced divers so the future looks really exciting.

Wordcamp Manila 2018

Wordcamp Manila 2018

I recently attended the 2018 Wordcamp Manila. It was my first time to attend since tickets were sold out last year before I could purchase. I actually had mixed emotions about it. I was hesitant since I didn’t know anyone who would attend but the topics were interesting and I really, really wanted to go, so I purchased a ticket and booked a hostel.


Resurrected by Death

Resurrected by Death

It’s kind of ironic that my reason for reviving my blog is because of the death of a family friend.

This year, death has claimed more friends and relatives than what is – if I may use the word – acceptable. Acceptable could be 1 in 3, 5 or 10 years, but this year alone, I have had 5 dead friends or relatives. It’s starting to get disturbing.

One death can be rattling, especially when it’s a tragic one, so 5 can really get me thinking lots of weird shit. Even weirder than usual. It makes me anticipate death at every turn. It projects possible future death scenarios that I know will definitely happen but just not ready to face yet. It makes me realize how life can be both priceless and insignificant at the same time. It’s a tug-of-war of emotions.

Since I’m leaning towards the positive, for the sake of my new family, I’m trying my best to use it to be more appreciative of the often taken-for-granted moments, whether alone or with other people.