It feels kind of reassuring when I browse social media sites and see most of the opinions I read are against corrupt and traditional politicians. There’s an endless clamor for reformation in the government and everybody seems to be united in not voting for politicians who have been accused or convicted of graft and corruption in the coming elections. While this all sounds promising, I’m concerned about the actual number of these intelligent social media users that are registered to vote.

It’s not enough that people are rooting for the honest, hardworking, and competent officials. It’s useless when the age groups that want change the most are not the largest voting population. It’s useless when the informed and opinionated groups do not comprise majority of the voters. If we are outnumbered by the masses of voters whose criteria of voting for a candidate is because their leaders told them so, or because they were paid Php500, or because the candidate is a celebrity, or because they’re familiar with them, it is all for nothing.

So before you continue posting your political opinions, at least make sure that you are a registered voter and that you will actually vote, otherwise, your opinions won’t matter much. The last day of registration is October 31st, 2015 but you wouldn’t want to wait for that because it would surely be the most hectic day. Either way, make sure your vote counts.

Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

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