I’ve been wanting to formally learn freediving for a while now and when I found the perfect opportunity to try it, I was so excited to join.

A friend introduced me to a marine life camp in Tingloy, Batangas called “Let’s Talk About Dagat” facilitated by Glenn Mariano and his group called The Pisces Project. While I was hoping to learn useful tips and ideas about freediving, I was more intrigued by the other components of the trip. There were short lectures, marine critter identification, trivia, talks by actual marine scientists, and even a quiz. I checked their previous activities which also included a coastal cleanup and I knew this isn’t just any beach tour.

The actual event didn’t disappoint. The activities were as interesting as I had hoped and more. We had a short lecture before lunch and then we headed out to Masasa Beach for snorkeling and other related activities. It was an excellent location for all participants. Those who enjoy the white sand and beautiful waters definitely got their due and those who are keen on checking out the coral reef and marine wildlife weren’t disappointed. At least I wasn’t. The sunset also was a sight to behold. We spent the early evening sharing what we’ve seen underwater. A marine scientist also shared his studies with us. The next morning was more about skin diving and checking the flourishing underwater wildlife of Tingloy Port. I particularly like the fact that there were safety divers swimming there with us. I was so happy with my experience that I joined again with my friends. This time we got to check stuff under a microscope.

Let’s Talk About Dagat” is a unique tour in its own right. It is more than a mere beach activity for travelers because it imparts useful knowledge and fosters a deeper appreciation for marine communities to the attendees. The Pisces Project made us realize that underwater life is rich, vibrant and interesting and we should all be a part of preserving it.

Photos by Rodrigo Acuzar Jr, Glenn Mariano, and Gerson Lacdao

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