I’m Officially a Diver!

I received my diving license just last week and I am overwhelmed with excitement. Unfortunately it came just a week after the DRT Expo (where I could have gotten 50% discount on the ticket) but that doesn't really matter now. My SCUBA diving training was provided by...

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Wordcamp Manila 2018

I recently attended the 2018 Wordcamp Manila. It was my first time to attend since tickets were sold out last year before I could purchase. I actually had mixed emotions about it. I was hesitant since I didn't know anyone who would attend but the topics were...

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Appreciating the Depths

“Let’s Talk About Dagat” is a unique tour in its own right. It is more than a mere beach activity for travelers because it imparts useful knowledge and fosters a deeper appreciation for marine communities to the attendees.

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Adulting in 2017

The past couple of years has been mostly about traveling and exploring places far away from home. I've enjoyed it quite a lot; it has become one of the best sources of fun and excitement for me. I've also acquired a few other hobbies and interests from it such as free...

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Oriental Mindoro’s Fabulous Kawayanan Festival

One of the lesser known festivals in the Philippines is the Kawayanan Festival in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro. Although not as famousĀ as the other street festivals in the country, the Kawayanan Festival can be just as vibrant and lively with colorful costumes and...

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Top Tech Innovations for Freelancers

I've been working as an online freelancer for about 5 years now. Being a huge supporter of startup campaigns and innovations, I want to share some of my favorite kickstarter projects to my fellow freelancers. In fact, even those who are not in the freelancing business...

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Hi! My name is Gerson. Welcome to my blog!

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