So Near and Yet So Far

philippine elections

It’s only a few days before elections. It’s going to be another one of those opportunities that Filipinos are going to waste by electing incompetent and power-hungry officials to rule over them. The public service bullshit is really just that: bullshit. It’s always been as clear as day. Just check their track record with what they say and do during the campaign period.

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Travel: Moriones Festival in Marinduque Island

Moriones Festival

Marinduque is a famous tourist destination during the Lenten season in March or April. It is called the “Heart of the Philippines” due to its shape and its position at the center of the archipelago. For 200 years, the residents of Marinduque has celebrated the Moriones Festival which is a part of the reenactment of the Passion of the Christ story. Men (and even women and children) dress in the garb of Roman legionnaires parading around the streets of Marinduque for a whole week.

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Are Your Political Opinions Worth Anything?

Are Your Political Rants and Opinions Worth Anything?

It feels kind of reassuring when I browse social media sites and see most of the opinions I read are against corrupt and traditional politicians. There’s an endless clamor for reformation in the government and everybody seems to be united in not voting for politicians who have been accused or convicted of graft and corruption in the coming elections. While this all sounds promising, I’m concerned about the actual number of these intelligent social media users that are registered to vote.

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Political Questions that Make Me Want to Strangle a Politician


The only reason anyone would think that the election period has officially started is because the filing of candidacy has just been opened. In truth, the shameless campaigning of those wishing to run for public office next year has already started many months ago. Heck, there were already political ads last year. It refreshes my memory of all the frustrating questions about politics and politicians in general.

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We are an Emotional, Short-sighted Society


The recent news about Ahmed and his clock, a Syrian father selling ball pens to take care of his daughter, a poor kid studying outside a McDonald’s store, and many other similar news have put a spotlight on our shortsightedness as a society. The common denominator among these stories is our tendency to take action on very important issues based mostly on its emotional appeal and very little about anything else.

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I Will Not Spend ₱50 Bills Again


I’ve known how to save money ever since I was a young kid. My parents encouraged us to save even the smallest pocket change we had. My siblings and I always had bamboo banks, called alkansya (they’re like piggy banks but made of bamboo because we didn’t have money to buy piggy banks), and we’d be delighted anytime we were able to put some coins in it. Of course, I wasn’t always very strict about it nor did I have a system or goal in saving. I just found it practical and wise but not something I should take very seriously. I was a kid, get over it.

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